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PRESS RELEASE – Rama Motori S.p.A. acquires
the operative business of Hamilton AG


Unsere Aufgabe ist es, komplette und maßgeschneiderte Motorlösungen
für die im Off-Highway-Sektor tätigen OEMs anzubieten.

Kundenunterstützung bei der Entwicklung, Prüfung,
Erprobung von Anwendungen und im Kundendienst.
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Customized Engine Setups


At the request of the OEM, the engine can be completed with various customized components and accessories, designed for the purpose by our Team of Engineers, in collaboration with the customer’s Technical Office.
Here are the possible intervention areas on the engine, with the related customizable details:
The assembly and completion of engines is done directly on our Customer’s site and is followed step-by-step by our engineers and experts.
The final configuration made in Rama Motori allows to keep unaltered the performance parameters of the engine, which are verified and validated in many cases, with a field test of the first prototype. In this way, the parent company of the engine approves the application and allows access to the warranty period.
For some gas engines (with methane fueling) we make an internal setting and test before the delivery to the Customer.
Since the 90s our technical department has studied and developed hundreds of configurations for countless types of applications and machinery, for any sector, from Agriculture, to Construction and Road, from the Energy sector to the Marine, passing through many special or unique applications. Thanks to a long experience and a very prepared team, any new motorization project can be tackled and solved.


Our mission is to provide complete and customized engine solutions for the OEMs that operate in the off-road sector. Customer support on design, testing, trialing of applications and after-sales.


Through our network we distribute spare parts, accessories and consumables such as filters, gaskets, engine fluids and much more.