RAMA is a multi-business company based in Reggio Emilia, operating globally. Through several dedicated Divisions: distributes and customizes for original equipment manufacturer (OEM) engines for non-automotive machines; distributes spare parts and manages after-sales service; designs, manufactures and distributes own-brand items for garden and lawn care; and other activities.


The company consists of several operating divisions, each dedicated to a specific business activity:

Rama Motori specialises in the distribution and customisation of endothermic engines for original equipment manufacturers (OEM), for off-road machinery in various sectors (agricultural, construction, road, stationary and others). The offer includes Diesel, Gas, Petrol and Electric engines, spare parts and pre- and after-salestechnical service

Rama Motori is also present in Switzerland and Liechtenstein through its subsidiary, Rama Motori GmbH, based in Wängi (canton of Thurgau), which distributes John Deere and Kubota engines.

Rama Marine distributes John Deere marine engines, OXE Diesel outboard engines and Lombardini Marine by Kohler Engines inboard engines.

Verdemax manufactures and distributes, nationally and internationally, products for the care, decoration, protection and maintenance of green areas, serving the needs of both hobbyists and professionals.

Agriservice is a point of reference for lovers of green areas, specialising in the sale, repair, assistance and rental of gardening machinery and equipment. With extensive experience, it offers a wide range of products showcased in its spacious 600-square-metre showroom.

RE stands for Real Estate. This Division oversees all the company’s real estate and property-related activities.

Our values

Traditionally, we have always focused on building solid and long-lasting relationships. We collaborate closely with our customers, serving as attentive consultants to support the development of projects and deliver customised services.


Driven by our pursuit of excellence, we persistently enhance technical and human capabilities to lay the groundwork for an innovative approach that is both managerial and “youthful”, enabling agile and dynamic decision-making.


When engaging with others, we know that we can always learn.
Therefore, we hold deep respect for those with whom we establish relationships based on trust and fairness, fostering collaboration within an environment characterised by professionalism, transparency and respect for rules and regulations.