Rama Motori

Our mission is to provide complete and customized engine solutions for the OEMs that operate in the off-highway sector. Customer support on design, testing, trialing of applications and after-sales.

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Our values

Passion for engines

our job and the best possible engine-machine combination;

Attention to the Customer

in all phases, from the first design to after-sales issues.


or all people of any origin, sex, culture and job for the value they can bring with their ideas and dedicationt

Professionality, honesty and reliability

Engagement for continuous improvement

Certified ISO 9001:2015
Certificate n. 50 100 2955

Attention to the environment

just because we operate in the ‘engine’ industry, we feel more responsible for this issue, therefore we only offer products with low environmental impact

Attention to technology and innovation

The divisions of the group


The origins of the company date back to the early 60s, when Romano Bellamico, the first-born of a large peasant family in the province of Reggio Emilia, began working as an employee for a small company, Lesa, which produced agricultural machinery and powered mowers. After a while, being this company in difficulty, he decided to start his own business. A friend lends him the necessary sum and so, in 1962, he opens a re-sale of agricultural spare parts for the local market close to Reggio Emilia. A short time later, some of his brothers became part of the business, and in 1972, Romano appointed this small company “R.A.M.A. of Bellamico & C “, where the acronym stands for “Agricultural Machinery Spare Parts and Accessories”.

Sales increase quickly and in 1974 this business moves to an industrial district nearby the city. The following year, in 1975, the entrepreneur took the opportunity to become the representative and distributor of Briggs & Stratton in Italy, a well-known American brand of small gasoline engines, designed then for small agricultural or gardening machinery. In 1976, RAMA becomes a Corporation. 

A few years later, in the ’80s, the gardening industry boomed, thanks to the great growth of many OEMs in northern Italy who, with foresight, started producing gardening machinery in big series. The agricultural spare parts business is transferred to another company, Agriservice srl, owned by Anna Bellamico, Romano’s sister.

This is how the company’s road is tracked in the engine business, which is increasingly focused on being a specialized engine supplier. In 1993 RAMA becomes exclusive representative John Deere diesel engines for Italy, and then it turns its company name to RAMA MOTORI S.p.A.. In the meanwhile, having started a real estate activity, a holding company was founded, Rama S.p.A., for the management of its properties.

In this period the founder, thanks to the increasing imports from the United States, creates the Verdemax brand: he started importing new products for the garden (such as the “leaky pipe” for micro-irrigation, or  pvc ponds, an absolute novelty in Italy) that were dedicated to the maintenance, furnishing and decoration of private gardens. Many of these products are nowadays  created with an exclusive Verdemax design and are distributed in Italy and worldwide by Verdemax Division, based in Boretto (RE).

In the engines division new brands are added: Lister Petter, GM, PSI, Tedom, Kawasaki Engines and other ones. These brands compose a rich offer for several applications and sectors, such as agriculture, stationary equipment (such as co-generators and generator sets),  construction, naval sector etc..

In 2011 Rama Motori acquires Agriservice, that in that period, added to its offer the distribution of spare parts and after-sales services for gardening machines. Thanks to this acquisition synergies between the treated brands are improved and the distribution has raised to a national level.

Rama Motori nowadays is a division of RAMA S.p.A., a company that has about 100 employees and collaborators and appears as a specialized company in several businesses; engines for OEMs, spare parts and after-sales services, production and distribution of final products in the domestic and international markets.